Success in 2016

StyleSelect™ Wants to Help You Achieve Your Resolutions

 It’s the beginning of the year, and time for retailer announcements. It’s news that we all hear, but it’s not just another  headline to  us, it’s our lifeblood. That news blip may have just been a marquee retailer, and it may have just been  your marquee retailer.  That’s not news to start a new year off with.

 It’s time for growth. It’s time for excitement. It’s time for something new and different. And you can do something  different! You  can include StyleSelect™ in your Marketing efforts.

Here’s what you need to do now:

 1. Create Immediates or Inventory Linesheets — Move that inventory! Marketing is about keeping conversations  going over  time, building relationships and allowing the creation of interest in your company and styles. Cultivate  interest by reaching out to  buyers with immediate or inventory linesheets, notes and conversations that are relevant  to them. Develop a trusted relationship  by sharing a style that you know a buyer will love. Make it relevant and  personalized.
 2. Send Linesheets before or after an appointment — Timing is everything. If you know of an upcoming meeting,  create  Linesheet for that meeting. Did you talk about styles during a buyer meeting…Add notes and share it  immediately afterwards.  Buyers are looking for frictionless interaction. Don’t back up their inbox with .jpg’s — keep their communication clear by using visual linesheets in StyleSelect™.
3. Invite Buyers — Are you hoping to attract new buyers? We’re working hard to make contact with new buyers every day. There’s no limit to the number of buyers you can invite, so continue to invite buyers to the platform. It’s free and valuable to them.
4. Announce your Presence — If we haven’t run your announcement campaign…shame on us! Tell us you are ready and we will get yours scheduled. We love your content and can’t wait to share it!
5. Socialize it! — We love social, yes we do. We love social, how about you? Look for our new Instagram icon on your company information page. Share your LinkedIn. Create a Facebook page! Link it up and start posting. Take the images you have on StyleSelect™ and post them to your social spots. Social media marketing humanizes your brand and moves your viewers from a like to a love!
6. Cross Branding — Do you have a web presence? Let your buyers and retailers know that your styles are available on StyleSelect™. Link to our site or add our Logo to your site.

These 6 steps will put you on a path for success. What are you waiting for?

About StyleSelect:
StyleSelect is an all in one supplier marketing platform and mass merchant buyer marketplace that people of any skill level can use. It’s a self-service supplier-marketing platform that streamlines, measures and optimizes supplier tasks that increase efficiency and grow revenue. StyleSelect’s breakthrough platform lets professional buyers and their colleagues connect with each other to share linesheets, request samples and create aggregated assortment plans; and it helps suppliers market and deliver curated linesheets and personalized interactions to retailers and their professional buyers. Headquartered in Denver, CO with offices in LA and NYC, StyleSelect serves as a strategic platform to mass merchant buyers and their suppliers. For more information about StyleSelect visit

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