StyleSelect Technologies™Launches to Enormous Receptivity

StyleSelect Technologies™, the World’s First and Only Online Platform Digitally Connecting Major Apparel Retailers with Suppliers, Launches to Enormous Receptivity

Global Showroom will Expand Access, Increase Topline and Bottom Line Performance, Facilitate E-Commerce, and Transform the Way Business is Done.Technology has finally found its way into the mass-market retailer/supplier equation. In a big way.

Cherish Edwards
Product Management

StyleSelect Technologies – a company founded by a veteran team of apparel and technology experts – today announced it has successfully launched its proprietary online platform, enabling both sides of the mass-market retail business to connect seamlessly, securely and successfully.

And already, significant players on both sides of the equation are signing on to reap the benefits.

It has never been easy, nor inexpensive, for retailers and suppliers in the mass-market sector of the multi-billion dollar apparel business to connect with each other. Currently, each side is still forced to rely on inefficient and outdated methods like attending multiple trade shows, traveling on multiple sample trips, and using photos, spreadsheets, phones and e-mails to try and uncover trends and items each believes will best sell through to consumers.

But not anymore. Now, with StyleSelect‘s proprietary assets including keyword friendly StyleSearch™ and StyleSort™ assortment planning tools, both buyers and suppliers can simply and successfully connect with each other, 24/7.

StyleSelect is a product driven, fully functioning online platform…an indispensable marketing tool for suppliers, an incomparable marketplace tool for buyers, a revolutionary and unprecedented opportunity to better connect, collaborate, and succeed. It gives retailers a first-of-its-kind ability to effectively and efficiently search and discover the offerings they need from countless supplier collections. Simultaneously, suppliers are now able to enjoy unprecedented exposure and proximity to retailers worldwide.

And, in an age where more and more industry sales are coming from e-commerce, StyleSelect offers retailers the opportunity to access and offer items instantly, without having to make costly inventory commitments. StyleSelect was built by category experts so it best supports the workflow and information needs of professionals on both sides of the apparel industry; taking advantage of the latest technology to deliver topline growth and bottom line savings, and is intuitive so it needs no IT support.

Suppliers and buyers can quickly share immediates, easily search for and share trending styles, create assortments, visually market to new and existing customers, and much more.

StyleSelect has already begun accepting charter membership applications from suppliers including Lunachix,Select Clothing, Therapy, Poof!, Dollhouse and more; and has generated praise from Tilly’s, Ross Stores, JCP, Stage Stores and others.

“We wanted to build a community around our Brand and a long-lasting relationship with our professional buyers,” noted Albert Shehebar, President and Owner of Dollhouse. “StyleSelect gives us the ability to connect with our buyers and provide them with curated linesheets, fill their sample needs and collaborate with our team, through one unified system. Plus, by having our ‘Sizzle’ information on the Marketplace, we’re sure to be discovered by new buyers we would never have time to meet. Getting on StyleSelect could not have been easier. It took about 5 minutes and we were ready for business. This is the most amazing tool I’ve seen in 30 years, it’s going to help me take my company global.”

Added Lana Krauter, industry expert, “In our business, in any business, it is exceptionally rare when one discovers a solution that can literally change the way initiatives are accomplished. But that’s exactly what StyleSelect offers retailers. This platform understands our needs, and offers a smart, simple and cutting edge path toward greater success. And on top of that, it’s free of charge to retailers.”

For more information about how StyleSelect can help your business, please visit, or call 844-778-7890.

StyleSelect is offered free of charge to professional buyers and retailers, who are welcome to sign up today on the StyleSelect platform at

About StyleSelect:
StyleSelect is an all in one supplier marketing platform and mass merchant buyer marketplace that people of any skill level can use. It’s a self-service supplier-marketing platform that streamlines, measures and optimizes supplier tasks that increase efficiency and grow revenue. StyleSelect’s breakthrough platform lets professional buyers and their colleagues connect with each other to share linesheets, request samples and create aggregated assortment plans; and it helps suppliers market and deliver curated linesheets and personalized interactions to retailers and their professional buyers. Headquartered in Denver, CO with offices in LA and NYC, StyleSelect serves as a strategic platform to mass merchant buyers and their suppliers. For more information about StyleSelect visit

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