The Latest Fashion is to Stop Using Email

After Working with Hundreds of Suppliers and Retailers Over the Past Several Months, One Thing Has Become Quite Evident: Email is Slowing Down Fashion Buyers and Sellers, and Making for Some Very Long Days Sharon Hughes Founder and President 949-690-9017 Don’t get me wrong, email is a wonderful tool. It has been around since the … Continued

Staying in the Apparel Retail Game

 Staying In The Apparel Retail Game: Right Item, Right Time, Right Place, And Right Experience Consumers are spending less on the things sold at brick and mortar stores and more on experiences Michael Lever Founder and President 201-259-8115 As a result, sales at many department stores and retailers are flat-lining or worse. Recent data published by … Continued

Where is the Year’s Best Fashion Industry Event?

Where is the Best Fashion Industry Event or Trade Show This Year? Michael Lever Founder and President 201-259-8115  If you are a fashion wholesaler or retailer, you know there are at least a dozen fashion industry events just in the  United States each year. There are ten such fashion trade shows in New York … Continued