“Where is the best fashion industry event or trade show this year?”

Courtesy of Simparel
If you are a fashion wholesaler or retailer, you know there are at least a dozen fashion industry events just in the United States each year… Whether you are a fashion designer, wholesaler, retailer, house, brand or private label, attending these fashion events and trade shows can make or break your apparel business…Why is buying and selling apparel so expensive, complex, and time consuming? Said another way, in the fashion business why are we doing things the hard way when we are in the age of digital commerce, the Internet, the hologram, and space travel to the moon? Are we really old-school in the fashion business? read more

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We were founded in 2014 out of frustration.  Isn’t almost every good idea?  B2B buying and selling in the apparel world just had to be easier and faster.  We thought and talked, and thought some more……and the result is StyleSelect.


StyleSelect is a first-of-its-kind web based marketplace built specifically for the apparel industry. Our mission is to offer suppliers and retailers unprecedented access and connectivity to one another, respecting and improving workflows, and in doing so significantly improving business (read financial) opportunities for each side of the fashion equation.


It is the perfect intersection of the apparel and technology spaces, a 21st century global marketplace where suppliers can instantly offer their customized collections to a vastly expanded number of retailers, buyers can view these collections, or find new products on their own and configure products into assortments in real time.  The grand result is a better buy…all accomplished faster and less expensively than ever before.


In other words, StyleSelect is a vast array of virtual showrooms combined into a single digital marketplace that changes the way apparel is bought and sold.


StyleSelect was founded by veterans from the apparel and technology industries, who have merged their vast experience into an enterprise that understands real B2B apparel buying and selling challenges and provides real, usable technological solutions.