Your Global Showroom:
Transform The Way You Do Business

Connect & Discover

Instantly connect the right suppliers with the right buyers, right on time

StyleSelect™ is a new global showroom, marketplace and proprietary technology that offers suppliers an unprecedented opportunity to display, organize, market and connect with more buyers than ever.

StyleSearch™ offers retailers a first-of-its-kind opportunity to source, organize, collaborate and connect with more suppliers than ever. Discover StyleSelect™, the first web based marketplace built exclusively for both retailer and supplier needs.

“This Platform is awesome! To have the ability​ to reach so many retailers, and be searched for inventory and reorders is outrageous!”

​Sam​antha Hollinger

“Advanced technology that increases profitability, cuts costs, and improves efficiency is what's important to me"

​Dyan Jozwick​
Retail Industry Senior Executive


Create your own dedicated global showroom showcasing all of your collections to buyers 24/7

Thanks to StyleSelect’s™ unique and proprietary StyleVault™ technology, you will be able to merchandise your own customized supplier showroom page and share your unique collection with more retailers than ever.

It's simple. Create and manage what you choose to share. Select only those whom you want to share it with.  Promote current items, future items, promotional items and special inventories with customizable price, terms and conditions, all in real time, 24/7.
StyleSearch™ means you can enjoy global exposure in StyleSelect’s entire marketplace with complete control.

  • expanded brand exposure

  • real time global connectivity

  • 24/7 inventory data visibility & locator

Sales Teams

Customize line sheets, satisfy buyer demands and maximize top line sales revenues

With StyleVault ™, sales professionals will have the tools to provide buyers with exactly what they need faster than ever before.

Invite current and prospective buyers to view your newest collections and trending styles. Share anything and everything, all of your basics, seasonal and promotional items instantly, 24/7. StyleSelect™ is your dedicated global showroom.  


Increase your top line revenue growth and your bottom line profitability

Thanks to StyleSelect’s™ unique and proprietary StyleSearch™ technology, featuring advanced browsing and keyword search capabilities, you can instantly explore and examine an entire global marketplace and find what you’re looking for.
Our StyleSearch™ feature allows buyers to locate and assemble critical inventories through an array of items and styles, and spot trends in real time. They'll spend less time traveling and more time evaluating, ordering samples and generating quality purchases.

Connect with current suppliers, discover new suppliers, all with unprecedented ease and accuracy. 



Search, shop, sort and merchandise all of your product lines

Discover new and trending styles that complete your purchasing plans.  With StyleSelect™ you can negotiate effectively with vendors, request samples and share information instantly with your teams. Consolidate, edit and share all of your market appointments.

Our exclusive StyleSort™ assortment technology makes planning easy. StyleSelect ™ lets you combine your StyleSearch™ discoveries, market notes and customized line sheets into cohesive, visual purchasing plans.

The 21st Century Marketplace

Weave technology into the fabric of your business solutions

Welcome to a true 21st Century marketplace where technology leads to greater success.  Where suppliers enjoy greater access to leading retailers; where retailers can create assortments faster and smarter than ever before; where security and connectivity reign supreme.

Your business depends on it, now you can have it.

Welcome to StyleSelect™!

Discover how StyleSelect™ can grow your business